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Conjoined Twins on a pink bow with lucky horseshoes. All hair clips are handmade and on a alligator clip that allows it to be clipped onto a variety of things and hair types. For the most part clips are one of a kind so once it sells it's gone it's rare I can duplicate a clip but you are always welcome to message me to see what I can do for you.


Shipping and tax are factored into all prices so the price you see is the price you pay.


Hair clips are always available for a discounted rate when buying in multiples.


1 for $7.99

2 for $14   Coupon Code- 2414

3 for $ 21  Coupon Code- 3421

4 for $ 25  Coupon Code- 4425

5 for $30   Coupon Code- 5430

6 for $35   Coupon Code- 6435

7 for $40  Coupon Code- 7440

8 for $45  Coupon Code- 8445


or the best deal of all


10 clips for $50 Coupon Code- 10450

For more than 10 clips shoot us a message for a coupon code


Feel free to email or message us if you are looking for something specific we may have it or be able to make it.


There are also clips available through our members only area that can not be seen without logging in.


Conjoined Twins on a pink bow with lucky horseshoes

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