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Free Shipping site wide world wide!

Take note of promo codes as well for extra savings!

Hair clips are always available for a discounted rate when buying in multiples.

1 for $7.99                                       2 for $14   Coupon Code- 2414

3 for $ 21  Coupon Code- 3421          4 for $ 25  Coupon Code- 4425

5 for $30   Coupon Code- 5430         6 for $35   Coupon Code- 6435

7 for $40  Coupon Code- 7440          8 for $45   Coupon Code- 8445



The best deal of all


10 clips for $50 Coupon Code- 10450

For more than 10 clips shoot us a message for a coupon code

While our mobile site is lovely if you get a chance check out the desktop site for more extensive search feature and a more optimal shopping experience.

Our Member's Only section has even more! you just need to enter your email and create a password to access all of our amazing products!

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